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Update, as of 4/16/2017: This group was briefly active on Livejournal from May 2005, through June 2006. I have imported it here, merely for archiving purposes. No further posts are planned at this time.

Welcome to Relation_Ships! This is a sister community to ship_manifesto.

This community's goal is to provide fans with a place to go into detail about some of their favorite non-shippy relationships, whether they may be of a familial, friendly, professional or adversarial nature. Posters will provide fans with insight into the relationships and an understanding of what makes it work for them.

We encourage fans to volunteer and help us compile essays that focus on every type of non-shippy relationship (i.e. mother/daughter, siblings, rivalries etc.). Essays must provide detailed analysis of the characters involved and the relationship itself (whatever it may be). Fanfiction recommendations should be included along with links of interest for further exploration.

Questions or concerns should be directed to Spren at

Celebrating All Types of Relationships

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